Yoga is the ongoing process and practice of studying the self at the mental, physical, and spiritual level and learning to unwind deeply held patterns of movement, tension, and thinking.  I was lucky to start my yoga journey at a young age in high school. Through my years of practice I learned not only how to touch my toes (although I did get there along the way) but valuable skills like equanimity, self-compassion, and tools to help navigate the challenges that life throws at us. Then, as always happens, life threw some challenges at me. I have used my yoga practice to help me navigate a long period of chronic low back pain (now in the past), loss, grief, pregnancy, miscarriage, depression, anxiety, motherhood in general, and many more ups and downs. Yoga has not only helped me deal with these challenges, it has helped me grow from them and use them as stepping stones to awaken to a sense of wholeness and vitality that my younger self never knew was there. And yet, each step felt not like discovering something new, but remembering something long forgotten. This is the heart of yoga, not to discover something new, but to remember our wholeness. Yoga has many tools to offer, including asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing practices), mindfulness meditation, and philosophy. My goal as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist is to help you use these tools to their best advantage in your own journey to healing and transformation.

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